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I have been around horses (on and off) all my life, having started to ride when I was three.  I don’t come from  horsey family, but horses have played a huge part in my life.  I sadly don’t ride anymore for various reasons, but mainly health ones.

I really believe that riding and looking after animals in general, teaches children hugely important life skills.  It certainly kept me out of mischief while growing up.  There is something special about looking after a horse, training together and become best friends.  Sharing so many adventures, whether is is competing or just exploring the local countryside.  Before I ‘retired’ I was competing at Prix St Georges level (3 below the Grand Prix pinnacle) with my beautiful ‘friend’ Oz, who I sadly lost a few years ago.


So although I am going to try my best not to turn into a pushy Pony Club mother, I really want her to try riding and see if she likes it.  Just before Christmas, Baby rode a donkey and loved it.  I have been looking forward, so much, to her having the opportunity to ride a ‘proper’ pony.  The weekend before last, she did!  His name was Smartie and she loved him.  At first she concentrated really hard, then about a quarter of the way round let out a big happy shriek!


I love that in the first picture it looks like she is really taking in the ladies instruction.  I was tempted to put Smartie in the car and bring him home for her, as he was perfect!  It was such a lovely moment watching her very first pony ride.  Hopefully, the first of many.  Who knows where she could end up,  future Olympian (Oh I said I wasn’t going to be a pushy mum didn’t I!? …oops!)

Pony 1

Whatever happens, I hope she can find as much joy in horses through her life as I have.


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