Mother's Day treats for #MagicMums with Moonpig - You Baby Me Mummy

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the shops are filling up with potential gifts for us mums. I was treated a little early by Moonpig who sent me a gorgeous hamper filled with lovely treats. They identified me as a Magic Mum and I know there are so many ‘Magic Mums’ out there. As mums with develop superpowers don’t we? We all have tricks of the trade which see us juggling multiple projects, kids, jobs, after school clubs and countless other things. While still managing to slap on a bit of lippy and look half-presentable occasionally.


I also think that a lot of mums out there are too hard on themselves and don’t fully acknowledge the great stuff they do everyday to hold everything together. We just do it.


I think often (but not always!) being the primary care-giver makes us a little more in tune with our kids and we also have more experience of their behaviour in certain situations. I often know to pre-empt tantrums which certain situations could potentially cause, because I have learned from experience!


One of my biggest tricks is out-and-out bribery….. Yes I admit it and occasionally I throw in a little touch of blackmail. At the moment I’m getting good traction from ‘oh I thought you wanted a birthday party…..’. That pretty much does the trick of nipping any bad behaviour in the bud!


I have also been known to get ahead of the game and realising Ava is tired and a meltdown is quite likely, I have pulled out the ‘if you’re good you can get a kinder egg when we get home’ card. BOOM! Good behaviour guaranteed.


Speaking from our personal experience, sometimes Ava is too tired to be rational and reasoning doesn’t really work. In these cases she respond to the simple things, like chocolate.


When she was younger she would occasionally have a throw-herself-on-the-floor tantrum. In these cases I used to just walk away. Obviously I wouldn’t go too far and she would be in my peripheral vision. However, to her I was going and she would follow milliseconds later.  It did the trick and *usually* the tantrums would stop pretty quickly.

I loved the goodies Moonpig sent me, such fab things and quite different to the standard supermarket Mother’s Day gifts.

My hamper included;

  • Mug – Keep Calm and Make Tea personalised mug

Share the magic tricks you’ve learned being a mum with me and @MoonpigUK on Thursday 23rd March over on Twitter between 8-9pm. Make sure you use #MagicMum when you share. There will be five winners who will each win a prize, which have been chosen by myself and the other lovely bloggers taking part in this campaign.

Are you looking forward to Mother’s Day? What are you hoping for? What are your #MagicMums tricks?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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