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Every parent knows children change so quickly.  Their behaviours, habits, likes and dislikes are transient.  I always try to focus on these temporary idiosyncrasies.  To cherish the little things that Baby does, as who knows how long it will be before they are just memories.

There are a few little things that Baby does at the moment that I love, simple things that make me smile every day.

Baby and I were recently staying with Baby’s Aunty J.  While we were there Aunty J taught her to say tickle.  Although, as you will see, Baby doesn’t quite get it right.  It is so cute.  However, Baby does say it pretty much non stop all day, thanks J!

(Just a few second video, as the only time she stopped doing it today was when I tried to video her!).

Baby has been aware of herself in pictures for some time.  She loves looking through my phone at her photographs and obviously loves a selfie!  More recently, Baby has started to point at her picture on the wall, with a massive beaming smile.  She does this at random times, as if we have never seen the picture before and if you ask her where her picture is, she will point to the wall.  So cute, I love how thrilled she is when she see’s herself.

Baby pointing

Baby loves our dogs and although she isn’t allowed to play with them, she often puts her arm through the playpen and pats Lily (our youngest dog).  She will gently pat her and say ‘Ahhhhhh……ahhhhhh’.  This has now progressed to her patting and ‘ahhhh’ing’ Mummy, Daddy and most of her little friends.  Such a kind little girl, who I love more than life.

Baby cuddles

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