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For me one of the best things about being a mum is enjoying the simple things.  Ordinary moments that will soon be forgotten, as our children develop at a frightening pace.  My favourite thing at the moment is watching Baby stand ‘hands-free’.  Over the last couple of weeks Baby’s confidence has started to grow.  When she has been cruising round the furniture, she will take a hand off here and there.  This progressed recently, to her taking both hands off her support.  It is adorable, almost like she has heard a drumroll.  She pauses, focuses, lets go and then is ecstatic when she manages a couple of seconds standing on her own.

I’m sure she will soon be zooming about, running rings round us and this stage will be a distant memory.  So I have immortalised it here, so we can remember how much joy she found in the process of learning to stand on her own two feet.


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