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It’s Friday, so it’s time to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and decide on my Word of the Week #WotW.

This week my word is more of a word of the day (rather than week) and it is;

Word of the week

Today Baby is 14 months old.  She is no longer a baby, but a proper little girl.  This month has been a big one for her.  She took her first tentative steps about six weeks ago and has been taking a few steps here and there ever since.  However, last weekend she started linking her little walks together and then just started walking!  She is beyond thrilled with herself, her mega watt smile is there for all to see.  Each day she gets more and more confident.

She can now point to her nose, if you ask her where it is, and has just learned to do the same with her tongue.  She understands a lot of what you are saying to her.  If you ask her if she want’s to put her coat on, she will walk straight over and hold out her arms.  She can be quite challenging at the moment, screaming and crying if she doesn’t get her own way.  I sometimes wonder if we are having the terrible two’s a little early!  However, seconds later, she will be her bright, beautiful self and the naughty moments fade away.

She has started to eat more ‘normal’ food; trying her first sausages and mash, when we went out for my birthday.  She loves sausages!  She now only wants to feed herself and the only way we are allowed to ‘help’ her, is if she holds a spoon too.  We definitely need patience when it comes to meal times.  Until yesterday she would not touch fruit unless it was pureed, but then casually ate 6 grapes and half of my banana!  She has started drinking her milk by herself sometimes, which is a little strange.  It is incredibly difficult to change her nappy or get her dressed, as she just wants to be stood up all the time.

Her hugs are simply the best thing ever and she loves hugging and kissing.  She tries to kiss and hug her little friends, which is so cute.  She is so bright and is into absolutely everything.  The room can be full of toys, but she will want to play with the DVDs or anything she shouldn’t and boy is she tenacious!

She is simply my heart.  She has blown into our lives like a rush a fresh air and brightens every corner of our worlds.

I remain so very very grateful that she is my daughter.


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