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As soon I found out I was pregnant, I fell in love with girls clothes. There’s not much I would rather do than shop for Ava! Her clothes are always so much cooler than mine!


So, I’m so thrilled to announce that we are Boots Mini Club ambassadors for the next few months. I’m so happy that we get to work with such a well respected brand, like Boots and share with you their wonderful Mini Club kid’s clothing range.


Our first package arrived at the end of last week and Ava couldn’t wait to try on her first outfit.



She loves modelling, so a giant bundle of clothes arriving made her day! We headed outside to put them through their paces. We want our clothes to look good, but be functional too.



I totally adored stripes and this long sleeved striped dress is just perfect. It’s so soft and such an easy, comfortable dress to wear. Ava didn’t stop running around and jumping the entire time we were out, it didn’t restrict her and as you can see she always looked the part.


I love the contrasting pattern and the pockets in the front were a hit with her. I’m not sure what the current obsession with pockets is, but she adores them. I always think pockets add a relaxed vibe to an outfit.



I might be a tiny bit in love with the colour of these tights. They contrast so well with the dress and, I think, really add a bit of va-va-voom to the dress. The tights are sold in a set with a cute navy skirt, which I will share in a future post. They’re such a good, strong colour and will be getting a lot of wear.





Another super wardrobe staple is this pretty floral broderie cardigan. A lovely weight for the changing seasons, light enough for layering now, but we will still get use of it in summer, when we use it in place of the coat.





She really does love having her picture taken, which makes my life easier!




I really adore this outfit and it has already become a firm favourite for Ava.





















I can’t wait to show you our next outfit. I might even video our next photoshoot, so you can see my little model in action. Watch out Kate Moss!



Her gorgeous red cape is also from Mini Club (last winter season) and we reviewed it here if you fancy popping over for a read. It’s so striking and gets wonderful comments every time we share it on Instagram.


Do you love Boots Mini Club clothes?


Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Boots Mini Club.

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