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We have been out and about again showing off some of our wonderful Boots Mini Club clothes. We are really enjoying our ambassador role and love sharing the beautiful clothes with you all.

We have been busy bees as usual recently and little Miss Ava has turned 4! I have no idea how that happened, how the time has just flown by so quickly.

Ava can’t wait to start wearing her summer clothes, but we’re not quite there weather-wise. One piece she can’t wait to wear is this gorgeous floral playsuit, which is only £10! Such an awesome price for such a beautiful playsuit. We made it work recently by just popping on this wonderful lightweight coat, which has fast become an every-day wear for Ava. It’s so versatile, very waterproof, but super lightweight.

Spring has sprung and we are definitely being able to enjoy some spells of sunny weather. We can’t guarantee that weather though, can we?! The temperatures are increasing, but the mornings and evenings can still be quite chilly. Which makes it so hard to predict how best to dress our kids.

Dressing little ones for this changing weather, especially those which have ‘their-own-mind’ about what they want to wear, can be quite a challenge.

So here are my tips for covering all bases during the spring season.



  • Layering is totally a must. It’s a great way to easily regulate their temperatures, dropping layers as it heats up.


  • The changing weather can create some epic puddles and we all know kids can’t resist a puddle, so a good pair of wellies is a must-have.


  • Make sure that base layers are comfortable. Soft cotton underwear and t-shirts can make all the difference, you don’t won’t them to be itchy or uncomfortable.


  • Use lightweight clothing and shoes to make moving around as easy as possible for your little one.


  • Take extra clothes everywhere! – Whatever your plans are it makes sense to take extra clothes, just in case the weather turns unexpectedly and they get caught in a downpour.

What are your top tips for dressing kids during spring?

Disclosure: This is part of a commissioned ambassadorship with Boots Mini Club.

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