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I have a confession….. I HATE cleaning. As an organised person I should probably love it and don’t get me wrong I LOVE a clean house, I just don’t like to be the person who does it. I think it stems from not really doing a good job, spending the time and then being disappointed by the results.


This means I’m always on the look-out for tricks and tips or even gadgets which get results with less invested elbow grease on my part!



I was contacted by Bissell, who I have worked with before when I reviewed the awesome multireach vacuum, and this time they wanted me to try out steam! Steam sounds like just the thing to cut down on my exertions, so I happily accepted.


I was sent a Vac & Steam and a SteamShot (which is exactly what you can win in the giveaway!). I have been beavering away (honestly!) testing them out and finding lots of things you can clean with steam. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.



  • Car seats

Ava is so messy in the car and her car seat does get quite dirty. They are such hard things to clean, however with steam it is SO MUCH easier. Seriously, it has been a life-saver.


  • Dog paw marks

Our dogs Lily and Lou Lou do not seem to have received the ‘don’t make a mess’ memo and are always leaving footprints in the hall. The complete joy of the Vac and Steam is that it does exactly what it says on the tin – vacuums AND steams AT THE SAME TIME. Yeah, I know mind-blown. This is such a time-saver and all trace of our little poochy prints are erased in a flash!



  • Spills, spills and more spills

We have a 3 year old and two dogs… need I say more?…


  • Tile grouting

Living in an older house, our bathroom needs all the help it can get to shine like a new penny. The handheld SteamShot is so awesome at giving the tile grouting a helping hand.



  • Garden furniture

With summer on the way it’s time to get outside and spruce up the garden furniture. I know ours is always a little worse for wear after a winter of neglect. The SteamShot make quick work of washing away the signs of winter, with less scrubbing it’s the perfect solution.


  • Taps and sinks

A shiny sink can really finish off the freshly-cleaned look of a kitchen or bathroom and the benefit if steam is there are no left-over smudges on your shiny surfaces. So clear you can see your face in them!




  • Grease on ovens

I don’t think there is a person alive that enjoys cleaning grease off their oven and again the SteamShot makes light work of it. What’s more I actually find it quite fun to use.  Something I guarantee I never thought I would say about cleaning!


  • Curtains

Items such a curtain can be a real pain to clean. However, using the SteamShot you don’t even have to take the curtains down. Another time saver. No huge curtains in the washing machine or being dragged to the dry cleaners, just a quick whizz with the SteamShot and they’re good to go.


  • Clothes 

Hands up who like ironing? Anyone? No? No me neither! Well with the SteamShot you can switch ironing for steaming, so much quicker and more fun too.


  • Windows

Even windows can be steamed into shape, which is another huge time-saver.




Are you convinced by the power of steam? Me too! For your chance to win both the Steam and Vac AND the SteamShot enter via the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!



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