Babys Playhouse & Fairy Garden

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I am so excited to be able to share with you Baby’s finished garden and playhouse.  This project has been months in the planning and execution, as it is hard to crack on with a task, when we have Baby to contend with.  Together with my mum, hubby and I bought her the playhouse for Christmas.  After LOTS of painting it is all finished and I am so happy that she can now enjoy her own safe play space (without the company of our little furry friends!).  I will do another post to share what we did and where we got things from, but I just wanted to show you the fruits of our labour.


So here is a picture tour.  There are LOTS of pictures, as I have waited ages for this!




The playhouse was unpainted when it arrived flatpacked, until I waved my own special fairy wand!  Our lovely brother in law made us the picket fence, which makes the garden totally secure and safe.  As we have just had our living room floor replaced, we used our old wood floor in her playhouse!


Playhouse 1


Our garden is quite a sunny little spot, so we picked up this gazebo to ensure Baby has shade.


PLayhouse 2 Playhouse 4 Playhouse 5


It has a lovely platform area, which apparently is perfect for milk drinking.


PLayhouse 6


She adores her little house and will happily stand there for ages playing peek-a-boo from behind the door.  She knows it is her special house and wanders about moving things to where she wants them.  I have had such joy creating this space for her and I can’t wait to invite her little friends to see it too.  (I still have to cover the sponge, a piece of our old memory foam mattress, which covers the platform, but everything else is in place).




She loves her garden so much and it was such a special moment, when she first played in it properly, her own little space.  I can now let her play outside, without worrying and she can have a little more freedom to explore.  I have filled her garden with lots things that are attractive to children, however, we did plant Daddy some herbs in her little wheelbarrow!


Ideas For A Child's Playhouse and Fairy Garden

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