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This year I love our tree.  Usually it is just another part of the decorations, pleasant, but I wasn’t attached to anything which adorned it.  This year is different, this year I love it.  It is not the most well decorated tree, it is not the biggest (and it is not even real!), but we have started to fill it with memories.  While we have the standard decorations, which we will eventually phase out.  We also have some new things, which are special to us, a present of Baby’s First Christmas bauble, a gift of a personalised Snowman, a plaque, toadstood, bauble Mr Hubby and I bought together, glitter bicarb dough hearts Baby and I made, Salt dough Santa hand print and many more treasures.

I love that next year we can add to this, add more memories to our tree.  Some special things we will buy and some that we will make together.  The tree will reflect our family and we will remember the stories behind the decorations, even if it is simply that we remember creating them.

christmas collagechristmas tree

I made a couple of extra decorations yesterday, up-cycled from Mr Hubby’s old jeans.  I made the heart, as I love hearts and I made a star in memory of a special angel baby.  We will remember her every time we look at our tree.

Handmade Decs

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