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Baby will be one in a couple of days and I actually found it quite tricky to choose her presents.  A few of my friends with little ones have had the same problem.  I wanted to get something with longevity and something that felt special.  I also wanted to avoid plastic toys, that I felt she might not want to play with in a few months time.  At last I have bought all her presents and I am happy with my selection.  I thought I would share them (and a few other ideas) with you in case anyone needs some inspiration for an upcoming birthdays.


1. Play House – I love the idea of a play house as it will last a long time and there are endless ways of personalising them.  The one pictured is from Garden Building Direct and this is the one we have bought for Baby.  With the better quality floor, picket fence and paint, it is just under £310.

2. Wooden Kitchen – This lovely kitchen is made by Plum and is available at a few places.  We got this one from Argos for Baby and it was £46.  I can’t wait to buy her wooden cupcakes to go with it!

3.  Vera Wang Piggy Bank – I have wanted to get Baby a money box for sometime and then I came across this amazing piggy bank.  I liked the idea of getting Baby something silver (as a keepsake). This one was £40 from John Lewis.

4. Locket – This is from John Lewis and is £43.  I love the thought of Baby having a locket from such an early age that she can keep for her whole life.  It is simply engraved with ‘Wish upon a star’ and is quite a classic timeless design.

5. This isn’t one of Baby’s presents, but I thought it was so lovely.  Baby has a plastic walker and I have not seen a wooden walker like this before.  This one is from Toys of Essence (via Not on the High Street) and is £75.  Quite pricey but I see it lasting years and being passed down through the family.

6. I love this seated rocking horse.  A friend found something similar in a NCT sale for £5, I am so jealous.  This one is from Oskar & Catie (also via Not on the High Street and costs £78.  So my friend really did get a bargain).  Baby probably won’t get this for her birthday, but I will be looking out for one at any sales we go to.

7. This lovely wooden swing would make a great first birthday present.  Baby got hers for Christmas and ours is a Plum one from Tesco.  This one is similar in style and is £140 and is from Jolly Bambini

8.  I love all things cow print, so this cute little ride-on really floats my boat.  Baby loves her ride on car, so I think she would love this.  It is actually a really good price at £40 also from Jolly Bambini.

9. I want to make Baby a Wig-Wam, but as always I am struggling for time.  Hopefully I will manage it at some point this year.  As an alternative I have found this great one from Big Game Hunters and is £54.99, which is a good price at I have seen similar for around the £100 mark.

I hope Baby is pleased with her presents.  I can’t believe my little angel is almost one.  What did you get (or are planning to get) your little one when they were one?

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