It’s’ 5 Things’ time.  This week I am sharing ‘5 Things’ 

blogger friends

I must start by stating I have many wonderful friends who don’t blog and I love them all dearly.  However, I feel truly blessed to have developed some amazing friendships through blogging, which I wanted to celebrate here.

So here are 5 Things: I Love About My Blogger Friends

  • They are strong, inspirational people: Blogging is demanding, especially when you are either working or looking after children too.  To succeed you need to put lots of work and effort in and the people who do this have certain characteristics.  This means I am surrounded my strong, inspirational people, with drive and determination.
  • They get it: Blogging friends will never say “oh you got that for free!”. They understand the relentless picture taking and need to ‘just instagram this picture’.  Bloggers are the only community where you can all sit round a table, be on your phones and it not be considered rude!
  • They are so supportive:  I have never been in a community that is as supportive as the blogging one.  If you have an issue you can bet your bottom dollar that one of your blogger friends will help you out.
  • They are a diverse bunch: Bloggers are such an eclectic mix of people.  Even within our niche, I know lawyers, stay at home parents, teachers, business owners, professional bloggers, to name a few.  A great mix of people and ideas, which makes ours a truly exciting sector.
  • They are omnipresent!  Not many friends would respond to a message or tweet at midnight, but you can be assured that whatever time you are blogging, someone else will be too. Bloggers are never far from their phones or tablets and so they always feel as if they are with you.  I am definitely in more regular contact with my blogging friends than with friends who don’t blog.  This regular contact strengthens your relationships.

So what do you love about your blogger friends?

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