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As regular readers will know, for the first 15 months of Baby’s life she was absolutely petrified of the bath.  This meant I had to take her in the shower with me, which became increasingly more difficult the bigger she has got.

However, we have completely the opposite situation now.  She adores the bath!  It is unbelievable to see the difference.  So, if you have a little one who would rather not be bathed, here are our top tips to happier bathtimes.

1.  Check the temperature – We have spent months trying to bath her in water around 37 ° (recommended 37°-38°).  More recently I used the shower to fill the bath and it was much cooler.  Baby then accepted the bath and stopped being scared.

2. Toys – Let your Baby play with a bath toy out of the bath, when they are happy and comfortable.  Then, when you try to bath them give them this toy and hopefully it will have calm associations and help to comfort them.

3. Wet Faces – Don’t wipe the water off your babies face.  If you always do, they won’t get used to it and will panic if they get water on their face.  If they ever fall in to water, you want them to swim to safety, not worry that they have water on their faces.

4. If they enjoy swimming, use the songs and actions from these classes.  I always pour a jug of water over Baby’s head (as we do in lessons).  I say ‘ready…..go’ and she knows what is going to happen (she actually smiles when I say ‘ready’ as she knows what’s coming).  We sing ‘this is the way we make a splash’,  so I will use this when she is in the bath, again to associate bathing with the fun time she has swimming.

5. Get your little on playing with water in other situations.  Baby’s turnaround happened after she had played with her new sand and water table, which seemed to make her much more confident.

Most of all remember to HAVE FUN!  Make bath time a really fun experience for your baby and you.  Baby has gone being totally petrified, to trying to get in herself and squealing with happiness at the thought of a bath!

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