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I was recently tagged by the gorgeous Kat who blogs over at Beau Twins to take part in the ’50 Things That Make Me Happy‘ post.  I do write a weekly gratitude list, but I thought this would give me the opportunity to share the general things that make me happy in my life, rather than specific events of the week.

50 things that make me happy

1.   My beautiful Baby
2.   I married my best friend
3.   Seeing my friends
4.   When my sister-in-law comes to stay
5.   My blog and all it has brought me
6.   Every single time Baby says Mama
7.   Helping my friends
8.   Going to the beach (whatever the weather)
9.   Feeling the sun on my skin
10. When I write a post and it helps someone
11. Baby’s laugh when I tickle her
12. Those first gulps of something cold and fizzy when I am really thirsty
13. Christmas with family
14. Sunglasses on a sunny day
15. Watching Baby play with our dogs
16. Getting fired up and inspired by conversations with friends
17. When Mr Hubby puts his hand on my back while we are walking
18. Baby sleeping on me
19. Ice cream
20. A new notebook
21. When Strictly starts again for the year. It signals the Christmas countdown too for me.
22. Taking a picture that captures exactly what I wished for
23. Meeting someone who you know will be a friend for life
24. Strawberry milkshakes (yes I am a child!)
25. Being the person that can help people in a given situation
26. Baking a cake and watching people demolish it
27. The buzz when a pitch pays off
28. Watching Baby enjoy riding as much as I did.

50 things that make me happy

29. Snuggling on the couch under a blanket when it’s chilly
30. My head on a cold pillow
31. A cup of Tea, usually followed by another cup of Tea.
32. Fish and chips by the sea
33. My husband still making me laugh after 16 years!
34. Going on holiday
35. A trip to the Zoo or Safari Park
36. When a song I love comes on the radio
37. Clothes shopping for Baby
38. Cake
39. Mr Hubby coming home unexpectedly early from work.
40. My new DSLR camera
41. My blogging tribes
42. When a fabulous email arrives in my inbox
43. Playing with Baby in the park

50 things that make me happy 44. Reading a great book or amazing blog post.
45. Finding the perfect gift for a friend
46. A cream tea
47. Dancing with Baby
48. That Mr Hubby knows me better than I know myself
49. Thoughtful presents
50. Having a full calendar of lovely things to look forward to

That’s my happy list, 50 things that always make me smile.  What would you add?

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I would love it if you could spare the time to vote for me in the BIB awards (‘Family’ probably fits my blog best)


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