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Yesterday was my blog’s 2 year anniversary.  A few times before on this blog I have explained what blogging has given me, mainly the wonderful friendships that I have made during my journey.  On my 2 year anniversary I wanted to share a little bit more about these people who came into my life and made such a big impact; people who are now the very best of friends.

Em who writes the incredible Snowing Indoors.  I met Em at Blog Camp in Birmingham in April last year and despite only meeting each other in the flesh about half a dozen times, we are so close.  I feel as if I have known Em forever and we speak every single day.  She listens to my problems and celebrates my successes so wholeheartedly and I hope she feels the same about me.  Em is the very best kind of person; caring, loyal and super talented.  If you go over to her blog you will see her stunning photography; she is truly gifted. I am blessed to have her in my life.  Thanks Em.

Blogging friends

Hannah, the beauty and brains behind the fabulous Mums’ Day’s.  I used to link up to Hannah’s linky ‘Mums’ List’ and we got chatting.  We joined together and relaunched ‘Mums’ List’ and ‘The List’, having never actually met.  Then in June 2014 we agreed to meet up at BritMums and that was that, friends for life!  Hannah is amazing, such a positive energy, creative and she inspires me every single time I talk to her.  We speak often, usually messaging every day and we seem to have the ability to motivate each other when we need it most.  She is a beauty, who really has got her head screwed on and she is a pure pleasure to be in the company of.  Thanks Han.

Blogging friends

The gorgeous Amy who writes the awesome Mr and Mrs T Plus Three.  Well, well, well, where do I start?!  I met Amy through her lovely comments on my blog.  She would read posts and leave such thoughtful, supportive comments.  I am not sure when we turned from a reader of each other’s blogs to very best friends, but it was seamless and I feel like it has always been this way.  Amy is a light; a stunning beauty, who genuinely is as beautiful inside as she is on the out.  We met for the first time at BritMums this year (June), but it just felt like catching up with an old friend.  We chat every day and I feel her success as I would feel my own.  Thank you Amy.


Katy the brilliant blogger who pens the fantastic What Katy Said. I first met Katy at a blogging event at the Zoo!  She was so lovely and our friendship grew from there.  Katy is another person that I am not sure when we changed from reader to friends, but I am so grateful that it did.  Katy is beautiful, smart and so supportive.  We are always on Facebook chat to each other, in fact if she ever doesn’t respond I worry she has died!  I know I could count on her anytime I needed.  Our girls get on so well too, which makes for perfect play dates.  Thanks Katy.


Kate, the inspirational force of Pouting in Heels.  Kate is a Northerner with so much soul.  She is the friend that I have known for the least time, but I am so honoured to call her a friend. We are in a blogging Facebook group together, only meeting physically at this year’s BritMums Live. She is an awesome writer, who inspires every time she puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) and is a real breath of fresh air.  Her awesomeness matched by her beauty.  Thanks Kate.


The wonderful Hannah who blogs at Budding Smiles.  Hannah is such a good friend, we met at Blog Camp at the end of last year, having chatted lots online beforehand. She is such a joy to be around; so caring, supportive and such a talented writer.  Hannah is always there on the end of a message if I need her and I am so grateful to call her a friend.  Thanks Hannah.

Us at Spa

There are so many other people who have really made a difference to me in the past two years, I simply can’t mention them all, but it doesn’t mean they are not important to me. They are so very important.

So thanks ladies, for sharing your lives with me, for your support, for your inspiration and for your unwavering friendship.

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