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You regularly clean your home, but are you doing it properly? Are you cleaning in a way that ensures maximum cleanliness (without an overwhelming amount of work) to avoid the build up of general dirt and, as a result, allergens in your home?


Here are 7 expert cleaning tips, that you don’t have to be an expert to implement as you clean your own home. 

Tips for cleaning your house

1. Use a toothbrush

Obviously not the one that you are currently using to clean your teeth! But, forget those fancy tools you see in the shops, a toothbrush that you have finished using is perfect for those hard to reach places. It can help you to get the toughest grime out of the toughest corners.

Top tip: The strength is in the bristles; let them do the work for you!


2. Clean your toilet with a can of coke… 

TV stars Kim and Aggie transform filthy houses into gleaming homes on their hit series How Clean is Your House? Among their handy tips on how to make your home sparkle are environmental cleaning tips – to help you keep your house clean without the chemicals.

Did you know you can clean your toilet with a bottle of coke? Well, according to Kim and Aggie you can – by emptying the coke into the toilet bowl and leaving it overnight before flushing, you can clean and shine the loo in one go.

Coke may be bad for you due to the vast amount of sugar within it, but apparently it is great for your toilet! 


3. Have a system

The key to effective cleaning is having a system. If you just walk into a room and start cleaning you are likely to miss parts of it. If you choose a starting point and then work your way around the room, you will stay focused on the task without getting distracted and moving on to another task before the first one is finished. 


4. Use newspaper to wash your windows

Balled-up newspaper is ideal for washing windows and mirrors, as it is gentle and won’t scratch surfaces. Use white vinegar and water for an environmentally friendly cleaning product.


5. Dust with an ostrich feather duster

Dusting must be done every week – work down from the ceiling to the floor using an ostrich feather duster – the dust will stick to the natural oils in the feathers. For fragile ornaments use a hairdryer on a cool setting.


6. Use lemon or water to clean your microwave

If you have let the dirt build up in your microwave, cleaning it can be both hard work and time consuming. However, there are two easy ways you can tackle this to save both time and energy. Firstly, you could put cut lemons in the microwave on full power for three minutes to loosen the dirt and make it smell nice. Or simply fill a cup of water and put it in there on high for a few minutes, the steam will loosen any stuck-on food and then it can be wiped away easily.


7. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves

If you have a cat or dog the removal of their hair around your home is a constant job. If you are finding the task difficult, make it a little easier by using rubber gloves. Simply run your hand over the upholstery and the hair will cling to the glove.

Disclosure: This is a guest post.

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