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I still find telling people I’m a blogger is a little weird.  Blogging is a much less well know career than a Nurse, for example, and so people don’t always know what it means or what you actually do as a blogger.  With this in mind I thought I would share a day in my life as a mummy blogger with you all today.

Some people have an issue with the term ‘Mummy Blogger’, but to be honest some people would have an issue with anything given half the chance.  I am a Mummy and a Blogger, simples!  I describe my blog as a family lifestyle blog, rather than a parenting blog, as to me, I feel the latter is going to give parenting advice and I do not feel equipped to advise anyone in that area!

A day in the life of a mummy blogger

Almost everyday is different, sometimes I will be going to London for a blogging event and other days I will be pottering around at home, juggling Baby and work, but I hope this gives you an idea of a ‘typical’ day, if there is such a thing.  It is worth bearing in mind that my schedule wouldn’t work for everyone, but I do what I have to do in order to support my family and ensure my daughter is cared for at the same time.  We don’t have local family and Baby is in childcare for 6 hours a week, which is the most we can manage.

Anyway here is my day.

6am – Baby is an early riser (sadly!) and so most days she is awake around 6am.  If by some miracle I wake before her, I turn my phone off flight mode and check my emails and social media notifications.  Retweeting anything that I can do quickly.  During the week Mr Hubby will have already gone to work, so I give Baby a bottle of milk and she will drink it in bed while I have a quick shower (is there any other type as a mum?!).  We both get dressed and head downstairs.

6.30am – Make a HUGE cup of tea.  There is actually not a cup of tea that is big enough for my needs, so I resign myself to the fact that I am going to be chaining cups of tea for the next couple of hours.  Turn the PC on and open everything up.  Pop on Disney Junior for Baby (who is probably still drinking her milk), while I check my social media properly and respond to everything I can.  I will respond to any emails that have come in overnight and don’t require too much thought at this early hour.

cup of tea

7am – 8am – Anywhere within this time zone is breakfast.  I usually spend loads of time trying to make her something she will eat.  While she is munching, I usually add my posts to any linkys for that day, commenting on the host and some others, marking what I have done in my diary incase I get called away on mummy duty.  I will play with Baby in between doing things, using the time she want to play independently to get a few things done.

8.30/9am – Pop upstairs to get us both changed.  This usually involves a battle and maybe a tantrum (Baby not me!).  Eventually we will both be presentable (Baby always more so than me) and ready to go out.  Check we have everything in our bag before we go.

9.30am – Head out for the morning, often with no idea where we are going until we are driving away from home.  98% of the time I will have my DSLR and sometimes my Go Pro with us.  If we have arranged to meet a friend, then we will be either meeting in the park or at their house; otherwise we will probably head to the park.  We have lots of local parks that are lovely, so we like to live on the edge and mix it up a bit!  We once went to six different parks in a week…. Rock n Roll!

Baby on climbing frame

9.45am – 12pm – Play with friends or in the park, I will probably take 100+ photos if we are on our own in the park.  Baby doesn’t mind and actually has started to love her picture being taken. She enjoys looking at them back on the camera.  Taking this many ensures I have lots of potential images for posts over the next week or so.  I usually take a snap on my phone to Instagram too.  While we are out I am checking social media every so often, as it builds up so much if left unchecked for hours.  I try to do most of it incognito, as don’t want Baby to see me on the phone too much.

12 – 1pm – Lunchtime!  If Baby doesn’t nap, we will usually head home for lunch.  While we are eating I will do any urgent bits that have come in while we are out.  If Baby has napped she will do so in the car, so I will grab a cup of tea from the drive thru and work in the car on my tablet.  This work will usually be social media and responding to comments, as I find it easier to write posts on my PC.

1 – 2.30pm – If we have no plans to meet anyone, we will either play in the garden or do some activities in the house.

2.30pm – Baby likes to have a bottle at this time and she is happy to chill out and watch some tv while she is drinking it; so I can use this time to get some writing done or reading and commenting on blogs.


3.30pm – Baby’s bath time.  She used to hate the bath and so it has never been part of her bedtime routine.  She loves it now and will happily spend hours in there given the chance.  She doesn’t like being dried, so I usually have to sing Alesha Dixon’s ‘Does he wash up, he never washes up, does he clean up, he never cleans up’ song, changing he for she, which has her in stitches, then the drying is tolerated.

4.30pm – Mr Hubby gets home from work, yeah how lucky am I?!  He will then take over and play with Baby, do housework bits and bobs, the works!  So I go to my desk and work.  Usually writing posts, responding to emails, commenting, whatever is most urgent.


5pm – Baby’s tea time.  Mr Hubby will have made it for her and he will usually help her with it too, meaning I can carry on working.

6pm – I take Baby upstairs to bed.  She used to have her bottle lying on me, but she has recently decided she wants to lie in bed and have it.  While she is doing this, I will sit next to her bed on the rocking chair.  I used to use this time for social media responding, but I now actually read a book on my phone.  I love the quiet peacefulness of this time, even after the craziest day, it is like an oasis of calm.

7pm – Hopefully Baby is asleep by now and I head to my computer to start the night shift!

7.30pm – Eat dinner cooked by Mr Hubby while I have been upstairs with Baby.  I am usually tapping away between mouthfuls.

8pm – Back to work, scheduling posts on social media, responding to comments, social media responding, brain storming, emailing, whatever needs doing. This is my biggest time slot of the day so I need to make it count.  I will be chatting to hubby and half listening to the tv at the same time.


I love brainstorming in my Unicorn book! 


12-1am – I usually end up falling asleep on the sofa about this time and decide to call it a night, heading upstairs to bed.  Sometimes the second my head hits the pillow Baby will wake up, if so it is back out of bed to see to her.  Otherwise, I try to ignore Mr Hubby snoring and get some sleep.

3am – (Baby may decide to get up). We take it in turns to go to her.

6am – The day starts again!

So that is a vaguely typical day for me, but being a blogger you just roll with whatever you have to do!  If an urgent job comes in, then your plans may come unstuck as you get it done.  However, for all the late nights and pretty much constant working (in between caring for Baby), it is THE BEST job you can have.  It gives us great opportunities and means I get to spend most of my time with my daughter, for that I am so grateful.  Blogging has given us so many fabulous things and I am truly grateful that I fell into this world.

Does your day sound anything like this?

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