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I recently read a brilliant blog post over at 3 Children and It and I thought it would be a great fun way of sharing a bit more information about me, as well as being fun to write!


A is for Arthritis.  I have arthritis in my back, which was diagnosed when I was 18.

B is for Baking.  I love to bake cakes,  although I have no skill or interest in cooking.  I love the methodical process of baking and sharing my creations with friends.

C is for Cheshire.  I was born in Cheshire and lived there prior to age 3 and after age 10.  My mum still lives there.

D is for Dressage.  I used to be a Dressage rider and trainer, I am still a dressage judge.  I also create freestyle routines for dressage riders.  If you have never seen dressage to music, watch this

(I should add this is not one of my routines!)

E is for Event Organiser.  I have worked as an Event Organiser for 5 years.

F is for Fife.  Where I grew up from the age of three to ten.  My Dad’s job was up there.

G is for Gal Bladder.  I had mine removed in 2000.

H is for Horses.  I have ridden since I was three.  I gave up 5 years ago as we wanted a baby and my back pain was causing problems.

I is for IVF.  We struggled to get pregnant and for so long I thought it would never happen for us.  We saved up the money for IVF and had our first appointment booked for 15th August 2012.  I got a positive pregnancy test on 12th! (I is also for Ice cream – I love it!)

J is for Judging.  I am a British Dressage Listed Judge.

K is for Kingskettle.  The Scottish village where I grew up.

L is for Lily and Lou Lou.  My little dogs, rescued from the vets where I used to work.

M is for Mummy.  A position I have held for 18 months now.  It is definitely the most difficult, but most rewarding job I have ever had!

N is for Nissan.  I drive a Nissan Note.  Just after I found out I was pregnant my car terminally broke.  I used our saved IVF money to buy my little Nissan.

O is for Oz.  My beautiful horse, who was my partner for 8 years.  Sadly he had to put down  1/2 years ago.


P is for Psychology.  I have a BSc Psychology degree from Reading University.

Q is for Quiz.  I love a good pub quiz.  Unfortunately my general knowledge is a bit lacking and so I can usually only answer the pop culture questions.

R is for Reality TV.  I have to admit to watching more than my fair share, I especially love MIC and TOWIE.

S is for Spiders.  I am truly terrified of them.

T is for Tuna.  I can’t bear it.  Even the smell makes me gag.

U is for UGGS.  I know it may be sad, but I love my UGG (not real ones!) boots.  They are so warm and comfortable.

V is for Vermicelli.  Often my dish of choice from the Chinese.

W is for Wine.  I miss it!  I didn’t drink (apart from twice) in nearly two years, when trying to get pregnant and I rarely drink since Baby has been born.  I should add I am a heathen and mix it with lemonade!

X is X-rays.  I have had so many x-rays in my life.  Mostly from falling off various horses!.

Y is for Yazoo.  Childish it may be, but I love milkshakes, especially Strawberry ones.

Z is for Zoo.  I love a trip to the Zoo.  We love taking Baby and always have a lovely day.


Can you think of an A to Z of yourself?!

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