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If you are a regular reader you will be aware that Baby was chosen, back in March, to be an official Swimologist for Konfidence.  Baby had a turbulent start to her learning to swim journey, but made an incredible amount of progress in just four weeks.  You can read about it here.

I want to continue her swimming diary as a permanent record of how far she has come.  A couple of weeks ago Mr Hubby came with us and got authorisation to take some pictures.


10th June – As we were waiting by the pool, Baby was so interested in what was going on.  A few times she even wanted to get off my knee (gone was the limpet Baby from week 1!).  Once in the pool, we sang our hello song and bounced around and already I could feel Baby was completely different in the water than on that first week.  Being splashed and laughing, nothing phased her.  We all dived the babies under water and Baby was absolutely fine.  We played games and swam for fishes,  we did sitting on the side or float and jumping in.  Then there was a test.  We had to teach the babies to turn round above and under the water and swim back to the side.  After the above water turns, we talked to the babies and then submerged them, turned them and lifted them back up.  We did this about four times and again Baby took it in her stride.


17th June – After the usual start, we used floats to swim the babies on.  On their fronts, then turning to their backs.  We chased our floats and surfed back to the side, obvs singing Hawaii 50 as we went.  Baby did some jumping in and then it was time for the biggest test yet.  Teaching the babies to swim to the surface, so they had to be submerged on their own…. Kate, our instructor, is really amazing and does give us parents lots of confidence.  We started by Kate standing behind our babies and throwing them to us, after a couple of goes, it was time.  This time we wouldn’t catch them, they would go under; hopefully buoyancy and kicking would bring them to the surface,  where we could pick them up and make a fuss.  I was slightly apprehensive and watching the first baby, it seemed to take ages for them to surface, but next it was us.  Baby did it, she was amazing!  Thank you Kate for inspiring such confidence.

24th June – We started as usual with swishing and singing.  Then Kate took all the babies in turn and they were encourage to swim a short distance to us parents.  We then focused on arms and getting babies used to ‘reach and pull’ of the swimming stroke.  Baby was amazing, so confident and couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  Then the babies jumped in from the large float.  Baby and another little girl stood up (while the others sat), one by one jumped in to us mummies.  I was amazed that Baby jumped in!  I am so proud of my little water baby.


1st July – We rode the woggle horses today (long tube floats that the grown ups get to ride!) and the babies did some swimming with the floats under their arms as we went chasing fishes round the pool.  We all had a race on the woggle horses!  The lesson ended by jumping in again from the float.  Kate said Baby and another girl (who has been swimming for some time) will get to try the swim fins next week, which will mean they can be a little more independent.

8th July – Baby was given a swim fin to wear, but unfortunately the straps were too long and it wouldn’t stay in place.  So after a bit of a dunking, we had to take it off.  We focused on their legs today, trying to encourage them to kick and swim to the side (only a short distance).  Baby was very keen on jumping in and almost couldn’t wait until we had finished the song.  At the end she did a big jump in from standing on the float, clever girl.  Further news is she seems to have completely cured herself of her bath fears.  She now has a bath every day and has so much fun.

KonfidenceThat is the end of our initial 10 week swim course.  We would like to thank Konfidence for the opportunity to be Swimologists and for the amazing kit we were sent for Baby.  I would also like to thank Aqua Babies West and especially to Kate who has been such an amazing help in overcoming Baby’s water phobia.  We move onto the Toddler class next!

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