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Baby started swimming back in May of this year, when we were selected to be Official Konfidence Swimologists.  We were thrilled to be given the opportunity and after a shaky start, she came on leaps and bounds.  Only a few weeks into her lessons, she was doing everything the other children (who had been swimming for longer) could do.  She really amazed me with how much she improved in such a short space of time and her confidence was so lovely to see.  She was moved up to the toddler class just before the summer break and slotted in well.


However,  over the last three weeks Baby has changed quite a lot in her lessons.  She has become increasingly clingy and cries a little at times, which she hadn’t done since the very start of her swimming journey.  I am not sure whether it is just a phase she is going through or whether it is a result of her being challenged more in lessons.

We swim each week with Aquababies West and all the toddlers are being put in for swimming awards, which means they have to do more on their own.  Potentially, the change in her could also be down to the lessons being close to nap time.  Whatever the reason, poor Baby hasn’t got the same boundless confidence that she had a few months ago.  She will still happily jump in off the side, but when in the water, she prefers to be in my arms.

Fingers crossed she will work through this glitch and that we will start to see her old level of confidence return.  I miss my confident little swimmer.

Do you swim with your children?  Have your children experienced a sudden loss of confidence?

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