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I would like to say that our bathroom is small but perfectly formed,  realistically though is it just small.  Like the rest of our house it needs some attention.

After doing some research, with the task of revamping this room in mind.  I have put together a few tips to help those of us with small bathrooms make the most of the space we have.


 1. Colour – Although high maintenance, light/white walls and ceilings will make the room seem bigger.

2. Mirror – Use a large mirror to reflect the room on itself and create the illusion of more space.

3. Bathroom furniture  – Float cabinets or use ones on legs, so the floor shows underneath.  This will give the illusion of more floor space.

Vanity unit

4.  Furniture layout – Think hard about where you locate the loo, sink and bath.  Could you utilise the corners and use a corner toilet or bath?

corner corner sink

5. Select small fixtures.  Sinks, toilets and baths come in various sizes.  Try a shorter, but deeper bath.

6.  Use the space above the door for shelving.

7. Clear the floor.  Remove unnecessary clutter which reduces floor space (i.e loo rolls, scales) and makes the room feel smaller.

8. Keep it light.  The bathroom suite, decor and any cabinets should ideally be kept a light colour.

9. If you are going to use tiles on the floor, use large tiles so you do not break the floor up too much.  Lots of tiles and busy patterns will make the floor look smaller.

10. Consider recessing anything you can.  The towel rail and toilet roll holder are popular choices.

11. Floating sinks will also give you more floor space.

Floating sink

12. Remove everything from the bathroom, then organise and decide carefully what needs to go back in.

13. Use clear glass for your shower screen/door.

14. Consider changing the door round if it currently opens into the bathroom.  Re-hinge so it opens out, to free up more space.

15. Go high,  Use tall, narrow cabinets to allow for more storage space.

High cabinet

As we are on a limited budget, our makeover may have to be limited to decorating and storage solutions rather than changing our suite, but I will keep as many of these points in mind as possible.

Is your bathroom a functional space or a relaxing haven?


This post was written in collaboration with Homebase.  All words and views are my own and are 100% honest.


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