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Beauty Issues When Pregnant? Get a Gorgeous Glow in Your Maternity Months

“You’ve got the glow! Are you expecting?” Getting your gorgeous glow on is a definite perk of pregnancy. Radiance and pregnancy seem to go hand-in-hand. And there is a sound explanation for the changes expectant mums’ experience.

Beauty issues during pregnancy

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“Multiple changes happen during pregnancy, as hormones flood the body and blood volume increases,’ Dr Thomas Ha, a consultant dermatologist explains to This means there are any numbers of beauty-related issues, unique to the pregnant woman. A woman’s appearance and her state-of-mind are significantly influenced by metabolic changes. After the 10th week of pregnancy, hormone levels rise and women are enveloped by a positive attitude. So that proverbial “pregnancy glow” may not only be a physical change, but a mental one, as well.

Dr. Michael Joseph Daly of Temple University Hospital explains to the New York Times in the last trimester of pregnancy, progesterone is produced in the emotional centre of the brain. “It makes the woman calmer, less irritable and this all goes to enhance the pregnancy.”

Another way to deal with the challenging variations in mood is to take care of yourself, make yourself worthy of the “pregnancy glow” you’ve heard about from so many (but experienced so few).  In the throes of pregnancy, you may find yourself wearing the same comfortable long, full t-shirt and cozy leggings, but you can show off your bump and beauty by looking for fashionable and affordable maternity clothes from  You’ll find clothing for casual outings, lounging at home, as well as for evening wear and party frocks (all designed with the pregnant form in mind).

“Postpartum depression” is common.  A woman has a baby, and within 48 hours of giving birth levels, there’s a sudden drop of estrogen and progesterone, which contributes greatly to women who begin to feel low.  It’s also called the “postpartum blues” for that reason.

Pregnancy hormones wreak all kinds of mischief on an expectant mum’s body. Pigmented skin is altered: meaning, scars, moles, and freckles darken and new ones appear.


Also called “mask of pregnancy,” chloasma creates patches of tan or brown on the face, most prominently on the cheeks, forehead, temples or around the mouth. This is a good time to look into a good foundation. Consider – at least if you’re experiencing Chloasma – an actual cover-up make-up, like Dermablend, which features foundations and concealers, and more, is designed to cover any scarring or harsh elements your skin’s revealed.


Doctors may be opposed to saturation and current spate of reports, but most are in agreement about one thing: avoid direct sun when possible. Pregnant mums need to slather themselves with sunblock point stepping out. Doctors recommend a sun-protection factor at least 15, which is made all the easier in the advent of “Tinted Moisturizer,” or “BB Cream” or “CC Cream,” which combine make-up and sunscreen and are favorites of the neighborhood pharmaceutical shop. Always go to shops that have sample items available. It’s the best way to incorporate makeup and protection, in one easy-to-use tube.  The same types of items are also available at high-end department stores. It can be a huge challenge finding the right colour, so that’s why being able to sample and test the products (which can get pricey, for the top brands) is critical. If the pigmentation is still visible, you’ll have to learn to combine tinted face creams with concealers. Block those ultraviolet rays by applying more makeup with a heavier hand than usual.


Some pregnant women find their skin becoming increasingly dry or, alternately, more sensitive. Some women will find sebaceous glands increase oil production, resulting in aggravated acne. Know your own skin. Wash and clean away oils, but not so much that skin becomes even drier. Keep lotions and creams handy.

Other Changes

Some pregnant women experience:

  • Linea nigra, a dark brown line down the center of the abdomen
  • Skin tags on the neck
  • Skin sensitivity (and the need to switch to fragrance-free products)
  • Skin dramatically improves
  • Blood-vessel changes, causing spidery veins on
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Upper Chest
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Leg swelling
  • Varicose veins (wear support stockings, don’t sit or stand for long periods of time, elevate legs in bed)
  • Itchiness (due to increased bile acids in skin, cholestasis of pregnancy)
  • Stretch marks
  • Less hair fall (and never colour hair)

Did you have any beauty issues during pregnancy?

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