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Wow!  I think I might still be in shock.  A few weeks ago, I was gobsmacked to find out that we had been nominated alongside four amazing bloggers for the Best Non-Dad Blog award.  Having only been blogging just over a year, I genuinely thought that I had no chance of winning.  On Sunday I had been practicing my gracious loser face all day, as there was NO WAY we could win.  Sunday night arrived and just out of casual interest (!) I kept refreshing the LoveAllDads Twitter page.  Well blow me down, we actually won!

I don’t want this to turn into a Gwynnie Oscar acceptance speech, but I did want to just let you know what it means to me;  to show you how much I appreciate it.

About a year ago, around the time I started this blog, I was diagnosed with PND.  This in itself was a shock to me;  I was not the type of person to be depressed (ha ha, little did I know PND doesn’t care what type of person you are).  I hadn’t got time to be depressed;  I had everything I wanted so badly and I really felt guilty for feeling so sad.  However, it was true, I think crying several times a day should have given me the heads up!  For those who have never suffered, PND robs you of the essence of you; you change and at some points don’t recognise yourself.  The confidence you used to have disappears, the simple things you used to do easily become challenges and your emotional resilience decreases.

I was lucky, I found my blog and although I rarely post about PND, it has given me back my voice.  It is my place to escape to and something I love dearly.  However, probably due to the PND and being terribly British, I find I am quite apologetic about my blog.  I am always so surprised when someone tells me they have actually read it; even more so when they say they like it!  My confidence is pretty low, so I automatically think other blogs are automatically better than mine.

So this award, the fact that someone liked what we do enough to nominate us and then the panel selected us as the best in that category…. Well we must be doing something right;  maybe I should start to believe.  All the lovely comments that I have received through social media, congratulating me, were amazing!  I appreciated every single one.  So thank you to LoveAllDads for picking my blog and for helping to give me back my confidence.  Congratulations to all the other winners and finalists.



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Brilliant Blog Post

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