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I hate ironing! Some people think it is therapeutic, but I am certainly not one of them. We usually just hang everything on clothes hangers to dry and that sorts out most of our stuff. However smart clothes, like shirts really do need to be ironed.


Which is why when Bosch got in touch and asked if we’d like to put their new Series 6 Vario Comfort Steam Generator Iron to the test I jumped at the chance. Anything to make ironing that little bit easier and more enjoyable! The new steam generator iron from Bosch makes light work of creases and germs so I was eager to try it out and put it to the test!


Bosch Vario Comfort


They also sent a few garments made from different fabrics, so I could really put the iron through it’s paces.


Bosch Vario Comfort


First impressions


Being used to a standard sized iron (on the occasions when I do get it out of the cupboard!), I was taken back by how big the box was and the iron inside was not small either. It didn’t take me long to get it set up. I don’t like following instructions, however these were straightforward and had me ready to iron in a matter of minutes.


Bosch Vario Comfort


I also received a Bosch ironing board. Due to the size of the base of the iron, you would need a decent sized board to fit the unit on.


Bosch Vario Comfort


Features of the Bosch Vario Comfort Steam Generator Iron


  • The steam generator is easy to fill and it holds 1.5 litres, which means you don’t need to keep refilling.


  • A secure lock system, which makes the iron super safe; with no chance of it being knocked off the base.


  • There are 6 ironing programmes, so you can select the one which will be perfect for a particular garments fabric.


  • The i-temp setting gives you an optimum temperature which will work on all fabrics, if you prefer not to have to change the temperature. It works by sensing the fabric type and making relevant adjustments. Pretty fancy!


  • The ProHygienic setting removes 99.99% of bacteria on items of clothing and linen. Great when you have young kids or maybe to use on clothing/sheets following illness.


  • The iron is fairly light, the water is in the base unit and so doesn’t add weight to the iron itself.


Bosch Vario Comfort
Bosch Vario Comfort


Often I feel as if I iron more creases into clothes than I get out, but the steam generator made my job much easier. Our old iron has a steam feature, but produces nowhere near the volume of steam this one produces.


The iron features a smooth-gliding scratch resistant soleplate which really does make it effortless (or as effortless as ironing can be!) to use.


I tested out the iron in all of the settings and across all of the garments and the iron performed really well across the board. The creases were gone in half the time it usually takes.


Bosch Vario Comfort


Bosch Vario Comfort


My favourite feature is the i-temp, I love how it adjusts the amount of steam to suit the different fabrics. It also means I can just get on with it. I don’t have to assess the fabric, it just does it all for me.


The Bosch Vario Comfort Steam Generator Iron does make ironing quicker and less hassle. That definitely gets my vote.


Bosch Vario Comfort


Bosch Vario Comfort


The Bosch Vario Comfort Steam Generator Iron is much more expensive than a standard iron. Costing £299.99 it is not an insignificant purchase. I think if you have a lot of ironing to do regularly then it would be a worthwhile investment, as I am confident it would save you a lot of time.  The iron comes with a free ironing board worth £69.99 when you purchase from Curry’s.


If you want to win your own Bosch Vario Comfort Steam Generator, I have one to giveaway. Simply complete the gleam widget below to be in with your chance. Good luck!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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