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I love a list, I find that if I write my intentions down then I am far more likely to succeed so I wanted to share my newest list-love, the Bullet Journal.


I had tried various to-do apps on my phone, lists on post-it notes dotted around the house and spent 6 months wrestling with my Filofax before I realised it just wasn’t for me.


Then about 18 months ago I saw Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal video and was intrigued. It seemed so straight forward and sensible that I had to give it a try.


Basically, it’s a collection of daily to-do lists, a monthly calendar and a place for any random lists you generate.


Setting up your Bullet Journal is simple and all you need is a notebook and some spare time.


The most inspirational website for Bullet Journal design I found this month has to be Boho Berry, her spreads, doodles and handwriting are beautiful and I’ve used her ideas as the basis for my (very basic) design.


First up you have your Index, this allows you find the information you’re after quickly. This means you don’t need to leave enough pages to finish a week or list. When you want to write something new you just turn to the next clean spread, write it out and then carry on your previous list on the next page. The index means you never lose a thing.


Next you have your monthly calendar so you can easily see what you have coming up and what tasks you want to do over the next four weeks or so.

Then you just start with your daily to-do lists, each evening I write out what needs doing the next day. Tasks are marked with a dot and when I’ve done the task I put a cross through the dot. Events are marked with a circle, important items get an explanation mark to the right of the icon and notes and our evening meal has a line next to it.

Other pages in my Bullet Journal are my Gratitude Log, where I note two things I’m grateful for daily, my To Read List which is a lovely way to monitor what I’m reading. I’ve just added a meal plan, so I can note what meals my kiddos actually eat and so I know what I need to buy the following week.

I’ve got a clothing wish list and a page dedicated to post or parcels that I’m waiting for which is really handy! I have a spread dedicated to my blog statistics so I can see how they change over the year and I’m trialling a future planning log, because the Bullet Journal is primarily concerned with current events, but there are some things that I need to remember for the future.


My daily to-do lists to keep me accountable for things I need to do, like laundry and feeding the kiddos, and things I should be doing for my own mental health, like writing and photography.

Personally, the best thing about the bullet journal is that it holds my to-do lists and all of my random lists and goals, so whatever I’m writing, there is a place for it, and whatever I want to find, it’s easy thanks to the index.


Do you use a bullet journal or planner?


Any bujo hints and tips to share?


Em is the purple haired writer and photographer at snowingindoors.com where she shares practical advice to help you take better photos and video, as well as her parenting advice, and failures!


When she’s not writing or behind the camera she’s normally found wrangling children or with her head in a book, drinking tea.

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