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We’re really loving our role as Boots Mini Club Ambassadors and decided to show off their lovely clothes on a couple of recent days out.


Practical, yet beautiful clothes is definitely where we’re at and we’ve been super impressed so far with the Mini Club range on both of these counts.




The weather has been very changeable here, so we popped on her gorgeous Floral Mac. This is such a great wardrobe addition, as it doesn’t have any filling, yet is waterproof. Meaning we’re prepared in case of showers, which let’s face it happen more than we’d like!



Ava loves animals, so was thrilled when we headed off to the local farm park. She was quite overwhelmed at getting the opportunity to feed a lamb.




I love this outfit, so super cute and the Peter Pan tee (which comes in a two-pack) really makes the look even more special.



I’m always a little careful with kid’s jeans. I don’t want any rough or stiff fabric making her uncomfortable and I can honestly say these are the nicest jeans I’ve ever had for her. They fit really well and are made from a really soft and stretchy denim.



Although she has a great love of animals great and small, I think she would have been happy just going on this slide over and over again! I totally lost track of the number of times she came flying down with the hugest grin on her face.



I have shared this gorgeous Broderie Cardigan in a previous post. It’s such a great wardrobe staple and goes with so many things in her wardrobe; so it’s getting well used!



We managed to tackle her and made her stop for a bite of lunch, but before too long she was back on that slide again!





She’s getting pickier about the clothes she wears, although all of her Mini Club outfits have been given a very firm thumbs up.




Last week, we made plans with friends to meet at another (but different) farm park. After getting sent on a wild goose chase by the sat nav, we finally got there and set off to explore.



How sweet is Ava with one of her best friend’s little sister. She really loves looking after everyone, especially little people who are smaller than her!



Quelle surprise another slide! It felt like groundhog day as I sat at the bottom for what left like days, as she went up and came down, on repeat.






I totally adore the little skirt & tights set with its navy and mustard combination.




The other Peter pan tee from the two pack, they are such great wardrobe staples.








The girls had such a fun day together and they loved sitting at the big table for lunch.






After our break for lunch we headed out on the tractor, going through the fjord was so much fun and caused much shrieking and laughing from the girls.








Tiredness had begun to kick in while they were playing in the playground and Ava started to cry. The tractor driver was passing and  (bravely!) invited the girls to go and feed the deer. So off we went.





What an incredible experience! We were the only ones feeding the deer and they were so friendly. Ava was very brave feeding even the largest stag – Francis. He was gorgeous and the little babies were totally adorable.






We were all rather taken with Francis, but I’m not sure he would fit in our garden!



Thanks Boots Mini Club for making sure Ava was comfortable and looked gorgeous too!


You can also check out the little video I made of our trips.


[vc_video title=”Boots Mini Club” link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20sf9q_oIFw”]


Disclosure: We are ambassadors for Boots Mini Club.

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