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It was in the news yesterday Simon Cowell has announced that he won’t be at the birth of his child and this got me thinking.  For me, that would be unacceptable, it took two to make the baby and labour can be scary, especially going it alone.  Even if you are lucky and have a straight forward birth, most people would want their other halves there for support and to share the experience.  I wanted hubby with me, but wanted him to avoid the business end.  That suited Mr Hubby, as comedian Jeff Green said “watching your wife give birth is like watching your favourite pub burn down”.  Mr Hubby echoed this sentiment, so head end it was!

Having recently highlighted the different types of mummy I thought I would round up the different types of daddy.

Different types of daddy*

Stay At Home Daddy – These Daddies may be similar in numbers to the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, but if you look hard enough you can find them.  These Daddies have fully taken on the role of primary carer to their babies and love being at home all day with little Tarquin.  Apparently Brad Pitt is a SAHD, when Angelina is away filming.  If it’s good enough for Brad….

Dragons Den Daddy – These Daddy’s believe the most important thing they can do for their children is to financially provide for them.  They work very long hours and rarely see the children.  Wives of DDD’s have to shoulder the entire responsibility for the childcare, but they never have to worry about whether to buy from Waitrose or Aldi.

Big Kid Daddy – Also known as ‘Friend Daddy’.  BKD thinks he was put on the earth to be his kids best friend.  He wouldn’t dream of disciplining the little darlings and has habit of winding them up before bed time and then losing interest, leaving BK Mummy to scrape them off the ceiling.

Waste Of Space Daddy – This type of Daddy unfortunately does still exist.  WOSD’s heart isn’t really in it.  He is there simply because his name is on the birth certificate.  He wouldn’t dream of helping with either chores or childcare and would be out of there quicker than Usain Bolt given the chance.

Drill Sergeant Daddy – DSD is all about rules.  He demands good behaviour at all times and his children are in strict routines.  There are no toys or raisins strewn around in DSD’s house.

Competitive Daddy – From the minute his offspring take their first breath, CD is off and running.  He would have newborn Todd doing crunches if C Mummy didn’t watch him like a hawk.  He compares his children with all other children he comes into contact with, mentally keeping score on their development.  As they grow he becomes increasingly focused on ‘coaching’ them to win and be the best at everything they do.

Every Day Daddy – The EDD is really present in his children’s life.  He is the main breadwinner, but does spend time with his little ones.  He wouldn’t relish being a SAHD, but tries his best to be a good dad and have a positive influence.

Bad Example Daddy – It is very apt that this shortens to BED, as the BED is quite likely to be found in bed or on the couch, certainly not helping with anything useful.  THE BED loves his family, he just thinks everything can wait and tends to make more mess than his sprogs.  Poor BE Mummy!

Indulgent Daddy – This Daddy could also be known as Pushover Daddy.  Everything little Fifi wants he gets for her.  Her behaviour is never in question, because he believes she can do no wrong.  Others may think Fifi is a bit of a brat, but to him she is perfect.

I think on the evidence provided so far that Mr Cowell is likely to be a Dragons Den Daddy.  Do you know a BKD or have you got your own SAHD?

Was your partner present at the birth of your babies?

*Original image: Stefano Corso

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