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Baby and I have some very exciting news! We are now working with DisneyLife and for a Disney obsessed little girl this couldn’t be more perfect! We are thrilled to be working with DisneyLife and our first job is to share with you some of our summer plans and how DisneyLife fits in.



We are so lucky to have been on a few holidays already this year. While this is fabulous, we sometimes run into problems when trying to decide what to pack. As Baby is three, she doesn’t really understand that she can’t take ALL of her toys with her. She doesn’t appreciate that she needs to fit clothes in her case too!





Our next holiday is a trip to France in September and we need to make sure we travel lightish! Something which we don’t often manage to achieve, especially with a small person in tow.




If you are not familiar with DisneyLife, here is a little overview. DisneyLife includes Disney’s largest collection of entertainment, including movies, books, music and kids TV episodes all in one handy app. The app is aimed at families, allowing you to stream programmes or films and download books, other films and music.




When you have set up your account, you can add the app to multiple devices (up to ten!) and have a different profile page for each child using the app. The fact that you can download programmes and films when you’re online to watch later, means it’s perfect for holiday travel.




Another great feature of the app is that there’s no contract, meaning you are free to cancel your subscription at anytime. You can use the parental controls to add time limits to each child’s profile. The fact that there is no in-app purchasing, means you can also relax without worrying that they are inadvertently racking up a huge bill!




DisneyLife makes packing to go on holiday so much easier, check out our video to see why.


[vc_video title=”DisneyLife” link=”https://youtu.be/cE4VQkOAUEc”]




Taking the DisneyLife app with us means Baby can take all her favourite characters with her on holiday, without us having to pay for additional baggage fees!




DisneyLife is available at DisneyLife.com, the App Store and Google Play for £9.99 per month. You can even try before you buy with a free month.


Disclosure: I am a DisneyLife Brand Ambassador and this post was created in partnership with DisneyLife who have provided me with a free 12 month DisneyLife membership.

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