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When I fell pregnant, I didn’t for one second imagine that I would find myself 14 months later being diagnosed with PND.  It was a real shock.  What was also difficult to deal with, was how much of yourself depression can erase.  Taking away not only your happiness, but your confidence and sparkle too.

Before I was diagnosed, I didn’t fully appreciate the effects that depression can have on a person, the way that is affects you in ways, other than making you feel sad. For me the emptiness and huge loss of confidence was probably more difficult to deal with, than the more expected symptoms.

Finding My Happy

I ended up feeling as if I was a completely different person, to who I was before I had Baby, which was a shame as I kind of liked her.

I have never read a self help book, if I am honest I didn’t think that it was a path I wanted to take; I just got on with things.  However, over recent months my mindset has changed and I am starting to see the benefit on working on yourself, to create a better version of you.

I came across the Embrace Happy facebook page, which is run by the lovely Karin, who also blogs.  Each day we are encouraged (if we chose to) to find #3goodthings from our day.  The group is very supportive and it is a great exercise to take some time, even a few minutes, each day to think about the moments that have made you happy.

embrace happy

I really believe it the power of thought and suggestion.  To some degree, I also believe that what you put out there in the world you will get back.  So if I can focus on the happy and work to make sure I am a glass is half full person, then hopefully this positivity will come back to me.  Fingers crossed!

While I was wasting some time researching important things on Pinterest I found #FindYourHappy, which has a lovely Pinterest page.  Similar to Embrace Happy, but a bit more American, Find Your Happy has some really good resources and challenges to work through, such as these.

Find Your Happy

I am yet to read the book, but I really want to find the time and work through it.  Some ideas might be a little tree-huggy for me, but I am willing to try.  I really want 2015 to be the year I get me back and a super new improved me would be ever better!

Have you ever tried self improvement?  Have you heard of Embrace Happy or Find your happy?  Do you have any tips for staying positive?


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