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By nature I am one of life’s worriers and I can find myself focusing on negative issues, when I should be celebrating what I am so very grateful for.  So I thought from time to time I would write a gratitude list to highlight the things I love.  It will be nice to read these back in years to come.


  • That my darling daughter will walk the entire length of the room to give me an imaginary gift pinched between her fingers.
  • My wonderful husband who looks after us so well and who is our rock every day.
  • My amazing sister-in-law, who is always such an incredible support.
  • Baby’s face when I bought her a replacement toy for one she had lost a week ago.
  • That Baby’s garden is almost ready.  I can’t wait to share it with you all and watch her play in it.
  • How Baby and I say, ‘Ready, Steady’ and then we fly at each other, hugging and squealing.
  • Listening to Baby trying to say ‘Tickle’ and actually saying ‘Ticker’.
  • The way Baby takes my finger and moves it to different pictures in a book, so I will tell her what the picture is.  Or rubs it over different textures of her books, as if she wants to make sure I experience it.
  • Being part of the wonderful blogging community.
  • The way Baby will pick up a book and come to sit on my knee so I can read it to her.


I am linking up with This Enchanted Pixie’s 52 weeks of gratitude.

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*Original image: Cas Cornelissen

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