I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalized here on the page, so I will always remember.

All the things I have loved this week

This is what happens when you give Baby chocolate ice cream…

This week I have loved;

  • Taking Baby to meet her new share pony Honey Bee.  Baby will be allowed to ride her three times a week and she is so excited!

  • Looking forward to this weekend away in Devon here!  We are just there Saturday and Sunday, but it looks like such an amazing house, I can’t wait to check it out.  Oh and Em and her family are coming with us!  Woop!


  • Big massive cups of tea. I haven’t slept much so these have been much needed.


  • All the lovely comments on my new theme and blog design.


  • Reaching #1 in the Parenting Blogger leaderboard.


  • Booking a haircut for next week.  You know when it REALLY needs to be sorted out.


  • Starting a major declutter.  I have already got rid of 3 bin bags full of clothes.


  • I made a lovely pie, pastry and all!


  • Looking forward to BlogCamp next weekend.


  • My hubby wandering off in the supermarket and returning with a cup of tea from Costa for me.


So what are you grateful for this week?

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