My Happy List #124 - You Baby Me Mummy

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I love the process of writing a weekly gratitude list, as it ensures I consciously take in the small, but lovely things that happen every day.  Then, they are immortalised here on the page, so I will always remember.


Happy Days


This week I have loved;


  • Visiting Amy and Rose. Ava and I had such a lovely time.


  • Filming with Amy. We did a couple of #VlogStars and also a Blogging Q&A on Facebook Live, so much fun!


  • Finding the perfect winter scarf, divine! It’s more like a blanket.


  • How happy Ava was watching a Halloween show we came across in our local shopping centre. Watching her dance along with Katy from CBeebies was so sweet.


  • Riding the ghost train with Ava.


  • Doing our spooky witchy photoshoot. We had lots of fun and Ava received lots of admiring comments from dog walkers!


  • Catching up with a friend, while the girls played.


  • Lots of really nice emails from people in my mailing list, it really makes me happy to know my advice helps people.



  • Hubby coming home last night! He has been away 4 weeks out of 5, so I was very glad!



So what are you grateful for this week?



I am linking up with Katy and Sian for #HappyDaysLinky

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