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So with a month until Father’s Day, what are your children getting their Daddies?  I don’t know if it is just me, but I find it really hard to buy for Mr Hubby.  With no hobbies to speak of, it is difficult to find a present that I think he will love.  So that’s why I have decided on a homemade Father’s Day this year.  I love making things and believe it shows a lot of love to create something special for someone you love.

I have been scouring the internet to get my creative juices flowing and I thought I would share my favourite finds for homemade father’s day gifts.

Homemade Father's Day Gifts1. Bookmarks – The tutorial for this great bookmark isn’t available anymore.  However, it is pretty easy.  You could create a collage type image, print on card and possibly laminate or get it professionally printed.

2. 52 Reasons why I love you –  I did this for Mr Hubby’s Valentine’s present.  It would be a lovely gift from children to Daddy on Father’s Day.  If you are short of time or can’t think of 52 reasons!  Then just cut out 10 hearts from card, join together with ribbon, string or a scrap book ring and write each reason on a heart.

3. Dad Rocks Paperweight- This is so simple and you probably have all the ingredients in your house or garden.  Easy for children to help with or make themselves (with guidance!), but the finished product is really cute.

4. Personalised Photo – There are many ideas on Pinterest of special ways to make photo messages, but I think this one is lovely.  You don’t need a tutorial for this one, snap and frame!

5. Hand Print Tree – Again, this is quite self explanatory.  I would print the message first, paint my tree trunk and then get to work with the hand prints.

6. BBQ sauce  Most men love barbecuing and with summer on the way (hopefully), this could be the perfect present for those daddies.

7. DAD sugar cookies-  This easy Martha Stewart recipe is a great way to show your daddies some love.

8. Pocket Watch Photo Album – I love this idea.  What a great way for men to carry round family pictures.  Check out the easy tutorial.

9. All about my Daddy –  Ask your child for lots of facts about their Daddy and then print them out.  Add some cute paper bunting to the frame for extra cuteness.

10.  Nuts & Bolts Snack mix – A fab recipe for this snack mix, which is ideal for Daddies.  I know Mr Hubby would love this.

11. Child’s interview picture– Simply overlay a lovely photo with some questions and answers about Daddy.

12. Homemade Shaving Cream– I love this.  Follow the recipe and then you can put it in a funky jar and decorate as you wish.  Maybe create a personalised tag.

13. Hamper – Fill up a wicker basket with all Daddy’s favourite things,  lovely bottle of wine or interesting individual beer bottles, magazine, snacks, the possibilities are endless!

14. Homemade Rum Soap & Aftershave – A really special gift and useful too!  A perfect homemade father’s day gift.

15. Another photography idea, which I thought was too cute not to include.  I love this, so easy to do, but so beautiful.

So there are my top picks of homemade gifts for all those Daddies out there.  I have my eye on a couple of things for Mr Hubby, but I won’t share which ones in case blogs have ears!

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