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It’s Mums’ List time!  This week, the fabulous Hannah, your usual host from Mums’ Days is still on holiday!  So Mums’ List is my baby again.  For any of you who are new to Mums’ List, you can link any post that is in list/bullet point format, easy!  I use mine to record my weekly highlights and remind myself of my hit list and targets.  Any list will work though, old or new posts.  All welcome.

Mums list


  • Baby has been very challenging (teeth, tiredness), so lots of things we planned for this week, didn’t go as planned.

#MumsListBaby with her BFF between melt down 1 and meltdown 2!

  • My back went out on Thursday, which left me stranded on the couch and Mr Hubby had to look after Baby.
  • Really looking forward to Baby’s Aunty coming to stay at the weekend.
  • I have got lots of Baby clothes, toys etc to sort through in preparation for a sale next month.

REAL LIFE WEEKLY GOAL: Make a start on the sale prep!



  • My most popular new blog post (apart from all my giveaways!) has been this one Top 50 Blogging Tips, closely followed by the Linky List.
  • New blog discovery; Chatterbox Mummy – Go and have a peek at Laura’s lovely blog.
  • We attended a Days Out Blogging event at Paradise Wildlife Park.  Post coming soon! #DaysOutGoWild
  • I had my best day ever, ‘stats’ wise, this week.
  • We have lot’s of giveaways going on this month with some really lovely companies.
  • I have passed 1400 Facebook ‘Likes’.
  • I am going to be working with a great company on weight loss series/posts.  #HOORAY
  • I have booked my ticket to BlogFest in November.

BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA WEEKLY GOAL: Focus on producing a newsletter

So what’s on your list?

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