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I have talked about Baby’s swimming journey quite a few times before.  For a large part of this year, we were Konfidence Swimologists and we went swimming weekly with Aquababies West. She had a rocky start and really wasn’t keen at all.  However, every week she improved so much and it wasn’t long before she was jumping in from the side, showing no fear at all.

Swimming is such a lovely bonding experience to have with your child and is also great fun.  As the weather turns colder, we can find ourselves a little reluctant to go to the pool, but we really shouldn’t let this put us off!

We took the HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® Challenge this winter.

To complete the challenge we had to go swimming three times before Christmas, as we were going weekly we had this down.  I did notice that it seemed much more of an effort when the weather was cold and wet.  Why should winter signal the end to swimming?; The water is warm and so is the leisure centre!

HUGGIES have teamed up with celebrity baby swimming teacher Katie Matthews to discuss why swimming through the winter months is a good activity and most importantly how to stay motivated when there is a chill in the air.

For many, summer seems the perfect time to go swimming but in fact swimming is important all 12 months of the year. Reducing baby’s fear factor of the water and giving them the skills to be strong little swimmers takes time and consistency….so keeping going in all seasons can really make a difference.’

So you taken the plunge and decided to take your little one swimming.  What will you need?

Essential Swim kit:


  • Cosy towels.
  • Hygiene mat – perfect for keeping your little one clean and dry while changing.  Cushioned and non-slip to ensure safety.
  • Layers for little one on the way home.
  • Swimming is hungry work, so make sure you back some snacks/milk.
  • Standard nappy (for the journey home).

Huggies Little Swimmers

Motivating yourself to go…

It is so important to keep your motivation up throughout the year.  Here are some tips that might help;

  • Set a regular time.  Even if you don’t have lessons, going at a regular time each week makes it much more likely to become part of your routine.
  • Keep a swimming bag ready and waiting.
  • Plan your day around your swimming lesson so that other things don’t become more important.
  • Buddy up with a friend –  you will less likely to lose motivation if you are meeting a friend.
  • Sign up for lessons – the fact that you have paid for a course make keep more inclined to stick to it.

We always use Huggies Little Swimmers and have never had a leak incident.  They are so comfortable for Baby, as they do not retain water and swell up, as regular nappies would if submerged in water.

Do you take your children swimming?  Do you go all year round?

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