A few weeks ago I did the ‘I Am The Mum Who’ tag and not long after, I was tagged by Momma Boss in ‘I am the baby who’.  So here goes!

I am the baby who

I am the baby who…..is as defiant as the devil, yet as kind as a saint.

I am the baby who.….won’t eat bread from Pret a Manger, but happily munches on the dry old bread intended for the ducks.

I am the baby who…..has comic ability beyond her years.

I am the baby who…..has a slight *massive* obsession with watching Sheriff Callie, yet adores being outside and all things nature.

I am the baby who:….has dramatic tendencies that Meryl Streep would be proud of.

I am the baby who…..adores water, so much so Mummy thinks I should have webbed feet.

I am the baby who…..has the most beautiful eyes.

I am the baby who…..is so bright that she constantly keeps Mummy and Daddy on their toes.

I am the baby who…..makes my Mummy and Daddy proud every single day.

I am the baby who…..can make her Mummy’s heart swell with just a look.

As with all tags this is the part where I tag Baby tags some other blogging kiddos to have a go.

Ez from Snowing Indoors

Toby from Budding Smiles

If anyone else wants to have a go, consider yourself tagged.

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