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How important is a first impression? 


“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression”


They say that first impressions count. But how much do they count? How long does it take to form a first impression of someone or something? Do you instantly formulate an opinion on something based on appearance, or does it take a little longer?


A new video from Furniture At Work™ claims that a first impression is made in less than one second! Can you believe that? We instantly create an opinion on something in less time than it takes to say “Hello, how’re you”.


Research shows that first impressions are quite difficult to change. Once you have made judgement on a subject, that opinion is very unlikely to change. It makes you think – what first impression am I giving? Knowing how to give a good first impression is important for both your professional and social life.




There’s nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and they’re late. Not only does it show that they are disorganised, it’s also a lack of respect. Never mind the excuses, always be on time! It’s much better to arrive early for an appointment than arrive late.




Your appearance is the first thing that someone will pick up on when they meet you. It’s important then to present yourself in a good light. It obviously depends on the occasion – you wouldn’t wear the same thing for a business meeting as an appointment with a personal trainer!


Dressing for the occasion and making an effort to look the part can go hugely in your favour! The same can be said for the appearance of your home or workplace; furnishing and dressing a room in a certain way can have a massive impact on how a person feels.


Body Language 


Another factor that plays an important part in the formation of a first impression is body language. How you hold yourself can give a lot away about you as a person. Be confident (even if you’re not a confident person) and, most importantly smile! A smile can go a long way and shows people that you are approachable and happy in nature.


It’s so important to give a good first impression – it’s almost impossible to change the way someone perceives you after that first encounter. That first impression could be a deciding factor in a deal further down the line so you really can’t afford to mess it up!


With the above in mind you can make sure you get off on the front foot and make a great impression!


Disclosure: This is a collaborative guest post.

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