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So on Monday I shared my initial thoughts on returning from #BritMumsLive.  It was my first time at the event and it was both inspiring and emotional.  I thought I would share a little round up of the main points; my take home messages.  There was so much information, this is just a tiny fraction.  If you are not a blogger, do not fear, some of these points are useful in everyday life too!

How I did it – Tips from high profile bloggers


Jane – Northern Mum – Interaction and linky’s are the key for growing your blog.

Annie – Mammasaurus – Crossing the line to real-life is important (meet other bloggers!).  Write about what you love.  Blogs can progress naturally into a different style/niche.  Do not compare your blog to others, everything takes time to develop.

Emily – Fashion Foie Gras – Your Blog, Your Style, Be true to yourself.  Social media is the key – ‘Make Twitter Your Bitch’!  Only look at numbers once a month!

Ana – Mrs O Around The World – Honesty is the most important thing, especially when doing reviews.  She will not stay anywhere, that she would not be able to afford to go by her own means.


Pinterest – Lizzie Sibley (UK Marketing Manager)

  • Hashtags do not work on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest wants authentic behaviour
  • Use descriptive captions – Not just ‘jumper’ which will show in searches for jumper, but ‘Blue Ombre Jumper’ Which will show in searches for all those things.
  • Install a Pin Widget
  • Investigate Rich pins – ideal for food and craft posts
  • Optimise your blog as 75% of Pinterest activity is carried out on mobile devices.
  • Pinterest is a planning tool, so think ahead and start Christmas boards in September etc.
  • A business account will ensure you get a newsletter of tips and information.
  • Curate good content from around the world.
  • The half life of a Pin is much longer than of a Tweet or Status.


Collaborate – Working together for bigger traffic

Maggy – Red Ted Art

Annabel – Country Wives

Tanya Barrow – Mummy Barrow

  • Don’t procrastinate too much, just start the project and you will achieve.
  • Set boundaries and deadlines.
  • Be open to the strengths and weakness of others and play to them.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about difficult issues.
  • The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.
  • Be confident and brave.  Ask people to collaborate with you.


New Ways to Monetize

Penny – A Residence

Helen – KiddyCharts

Sophie – Propellernet

  • Penny has recently sold her blog to Wayfair, a US company.  This is a relatively new way of working for bloggers.
  • Have strong ‘About Me’ and ‘Hire Me’ pages.  Make sure they are up to date, showing new achievements.
  • Work closely with the main agencies BritMums, Mumsnet, Tots, NetMums.
  • Vlogging can add an extra dimension to your blog.
  • Don’t knock competitions, you never know what they could lead to.
  • Blogger outreach for an agency.
  • Paid Ambassador.
  • Share your successes and exploit your niche.
  • Never ignore any email, always respond.



At the end of the conference were the key note speeches and I definitely think there were more tears than dry eyes.  A selection of bloggers read out one of their posts.  What a talented bunch and with each speaker my lip wobbled more.  I had some control until Grenglish’s post and then All at Sea’s beautiful dedication to her husband pushed me over the edge.


Some mantras that we can all take into our lives;

  • Always tell your own truth.
  • To know where you’re going, you need to share where you have been.
  • Value your voice.


My personal favourite (Kirsty’s words);


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