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I have started this list after I had been blogging for just over a year.  There are so many things I have enjoyed about writing my blog, but one of my favourite things is joining in with linky‘s.


For non bloggers, Linkys are posts with the same theme, one person hosts and other bloggers link their posts to the hosts page.  They’re a fantastic way of finding new blogs, supporting other bloggers and getting your blog some exposure.


The Linky List


Quite often I would here people saying they didn’t know when the different linky’s were on, or they forgot. So I thought I would try to help out and so I compiled a list (which you can download below) of linkys.


While I have tried to include everyone, I am sure there are a fair few I have missed off/don’t know about.  If so feel free to email me at with the details and I will add them the next update.


The details I need are linky title, hosting blog, the day it goes live and what the linky is about.  Please don’t tweet additions as they can get lost on my timeline.


At one point, I used to do A LOT of linkys — sixteen a week!  My weekly favourites over the years have been


  • The Ordinary Moments (MummyDaddyMe)
  • Magic Moments (The Oliver’s Madhouse)
  • Point & Shoot (me!)
  • Living Arrows (What The Redhead Said)
  • The Happy Days Linky (What Katy Said/Quite Frankly She Said)
  • Tried & Tested (My Family Fever/Going on an Adventure)
  • Word of the week (The Reading Residence)
  • The Black & White photography project (Podcast Dove)
  • My Sunday photo (Photalife)



So without further ado, pop your email below if you would like me to send you a copy of the linky list to print out at home.


If you see any that aren’t running any more or have a new one to add please email




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