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This year will be my first Mother’s Day as a Mummy.  Last year I missed out by 20 days! (not that I am bitter!).  Therefore, I intend to make the most of it.  Earlier in the week I blogged about homemade Mother’s Day ideas.  However, Mr Hubby is not crafty, so I thought a spot of online window shopping was in order to get my wish list together.  Here is what I am lusting after for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day

1. Butterfly Scarf – Not on the High Street £15 / 2. Betty & Betts Red Leather Shoulder Bag £145 / 3. Fingerprint Necklace £85 / 4. Me To You Bear £10 / 5. Personalised Cake tin £39.99 / 6. Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer John Lewis £429 / 7. Bracelet Pandora £245

OK, so I know I have aimed a little high on a couple of these picks, but I wanted to include a range…… and you never know Mr Hubby might read this and feel generous!

I love scarves and you can never really have too many, although Mr Hubby would probably disagree…. Anyway I love this pretty one, the butterflies are perfect for Summer.  Another thing you can’t ever have too many of is handbags and how lovely is this shoulder bag from Betty & Betts?! Lush!  The thing I probably want most of all is a fingerprint necklace.  I meant to get one done soon after Baby was born, but you know how things go, I would really love one now.  Baby loves teddy bears and so I am sure she would like to get me this Me To You teddy!  For £10 she could probably even pay for it out of her pocket money!   I adore this personalised cake tin, perfect retro look.  Something that I probably will never have, but I always lust after is a Kitchen Aid Mixer like this and such an amazingly awesome colour!  Finally I found this Pandora bracelet, which I thought was a nice alternative a pure silver bracelet, which I would normally be drawn to.

So what are you hoping for this mother’s day?

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