Mums' List #4 - You Baby Me Mummy

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I am joining in again with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days with her linky, in which we can share the highlights of our week.  From our personal lives and also from our blogs.



Last weekend we had Baby’s 1st birthday party (Saturday), celebrated Baby’s first birthday (Sunday) and it was Mother’s Day too.  We had guests staying from Friday to Wednesday morning.  Add into this the fact that Baby still doesn’t sleep through the nights (well 90% of the time she doesn’t).  The result being Mr Hubby and I are a bit knackered at the moment! (I do realise this is a typical parent state and we need to suck it up).  Baby and I have been ladies-that-lunch every day this week, which has been lovely.  I am thinking of setting up a little money making event, if I can find the time!



This week has mainly involved me falling asleep whilst typing in the evenings, consequently I have had that awful feeling of being behind with everything blog wise.  I want to start some new features/linkys, as I am never happy just leaving things as they are.  However, I am lacking a bit of time to generate some ideas.  My aim is to try to find a smidge of time to focus on it.  I have a couple of guest posts to write and an article for an online magazine.  A few lovely things have arrived for us to review and we have a few projects to do, which will keep us out of mischief!…..well maybe!


I remain a little disappointed that my linky ‘Challenge Yourself’ is only getting a couple of link ups each month.  I had hoped that more people would want to celebrate their achievements (not just their children’s).  I will continue to set myself a monthly challenge, as it helps me order all the madness in my brain!  If anyone wants to join in the linky opens on the 25th of each month and closes at midnight on the last day of each month.  You can blog about your achievements/challenges that month and your aim/challenge for the following month.  So far I have learned to knit, developed my photography skills, baked a massive sculpted cake and this month I am going to learn to edit pictures in photoshop.  You can find more details here.



I haven’t had much inspiration this week but desperately need some!  Our old coal fire is being ripped out soon, which apart from all the mess and the fact that we have to move out, pleases me greatly.  BUT  it will mean that I have to redecorate our living room.  What should I go for colour wise?, answers on a postcard…

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