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Time to join in with the fabulous Hannah over at Mums’ Days and her linky, which allows us to share the highlights of our week.  From our personal lives and also from our blogs.
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Baby and I were invited to meet the stars of Ice Age, so we took our friends and had a lovely day out.  We have basically spent the week shopping, but some of the purchases have been using vouchers, which aren’t real money!  We have Baby’s Aunty and Uncle coming for Easter, so it will be lovely to have some family time.

Ice Age


  • So the April Tots100 rankings are out and I am very pleased that I have risen again, to 341.  So up approx 1400 places in the four months I have been listed.  I know rankings don’t mean much to some people, but for me they are a sort of acknowledgement of the effort I put into my blog.  So hopefully onward and upward!
  • I have been doing a post about garden transformation, so Mr Hubby has been squished into Baby’s playhouse painting.
  • As mentioned we were treated to £50 of shopping vouchers to attend an event, which was a lovely treat.
  • We are doing our first restaurant review today!
  • I have found a few useful websites to help with creating text images for blogs, Recite, Pinwords, and Pinstamatic.  I am enjoying playing around with these sites.  I am still using Twuffer everyday to schedule my Tweets, love it!



Our landlord is changing the heating system in our house, so the horrible coal fire and broken tiled fireplace is on the way out!  This means we will have a whopping hole in our wooden floor and bare plaster, so we need a makeover pronto.  I will need to make some decisions on the colours scheme, so I have created a Pinterest board to help me get my act together.

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