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It’s Mums’ List time with Hannah over at Mums’ Days.  Mums’ List allows us to share the highlights (personal and blogging) of our week and also the things that still need to be ticked off our Mums’ Lists!

Mums list Mums List #7



  • We found some bargain storage at a car boot sale!  £20, BOOM!

  • Mr Hubby went to France for a meeting just as Baby decided to shout for days on end #GoodTimingHubs



I have been at it with the plug ins again!  This week I have added;

  • Social Metrics – Useful to see where your posts are shared, all in one place.
  • UpDraft Back up – I am terrible at backing up anything.  So I thought I really should do my blog.  This WP plug in can be set to back up whenever you like to various sources such as Dropbox.  So I don’t have to actually do anything!
  • Duplicate Copy – Brilliant for saving time, especially if you join in with the same weekly linkys or run a feature.  It can be set to copy the categories and tags too!  Awesome!
  • My most popular blog post of all time continues to be this one about blogging.  Really pleased with the response to it.
  • I must remember to create pinnable images and then actually pin my posts #Dunce



  • I have bought a couple of magazines to try and get my interior design juices flowing, but nothing has happened yet! #WantARefund
  • On Wednesday we heard that Stephen Sutton had sadly lost his battle with cancer.  A truly inspirational young man, with the most incredible spirit.  RIP Stephen.


So do you like making lists or do you prefer to just wing it?!


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