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I love making lists.  Sometimes I must admit I enjoy writing the lists more than doing the tasks on the list.  The lovely Hannah over at Mums’ Days has started a new linky, in which we can share our weeks highlights covering our personal lives and also our blogs.


This week Baby has decided she can pull herself up and has started cruising round the furniture.  Mr Hubby and I have some difficult conversations about the size of our family, not really getting anywhere.  I have LOTS to do and as usual I am struggling to find the time to do it all.  Same old story!  I really need to get on with organising Baby’s 1st birthday party, as it is 2 weeks today!  Yikes!
Baby pic


I am struggling a bit to keep up with the social networking side of blogging.  I am managing to post daily on the blog and am promoting these posts on Twitter (thanks to Buffer and Twuffer!), but I am running out of time to actually interact as much as I would like.  I am developing my Pinterest and really must focus on Google+ as this is a little neglected.  I constantly wonder how others do it all AND look after their children.



I have a few exciting things happening with the blog at the moment.  I am working with more companies doing reviews/sponsored posts and have been approached to be an Ambassador of a brand, which I am thrilled about (more on that soon).  The recent Tots100 rankings saw my blog rise for the third month on a row to 432 (1200 places risen in 3 months).  I realise I still have along way to go but I am thrilled.  Our vouchers arrived from our entry in the Barny Bars Little Adventure challenge.  I am so pleased to be one of 5 prize winners out of 81 entries.  You can read our entry here.


I hope you have all had a happy and productive week!


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