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I was recently tagged by the lovely Ryan over at Dad Creek without a paddle in the ‘What I’m doing now’ meme.  A fun idea to give a little snapshot into what you are thinking and doing at the moment.  So here goes!


Reading – I have a couple of books by my favourite authors waiting for me on my Kindle, but at the moment I really don’t have time.  I am just getting my reading fix in with my blog reading.

Listening To – Ben Howard and Passenger mainly in the car and the Doc McStuffins song in the house….

Laughing At – Most of the time, we are laughing at Baby, she is quite the comedian!  We do watch a lot of comedy, ‘Live at the Apollo’ that type of thing.

Swooning OverJessie Pavelka!  I recently watched ‘Obese: a year to save my life’ and Jesse is the trainer.  Have a look you won’t regret it!

Planning –  Lots of blog things, plus some decorating in our house.  I hate decorating though, so it might stay in the planning stage for some time….

Eating Lots Of – I have not been eating lots of anything in particular, but I have been drinking lots of tea!  Tea is the only thing (family/friends excluded) that I couldn’t live without.  When I was pregnant I couldn’t drink it at all (it tasted horrible!).  So 15 months later I am still making up for 9 months sans tea!.

What I am doing now

Feeling – Really tired.  I seem to have gone into a bit of an exhausted period.  Usually, I am up at 6am with Baby and then I stay up until midnight blogging, but the last few days I have been falling asleep at about 9pm.  Not good for productivity!

Discovering – We recently discovered Wellington Country Park and the Cotswold Wildlife Park, which are both great family days out.

Wearing – Some of my new clothes from my Taking Shape stylist session.

Cooking – I don’t cook, but I do occasionally make scrambled eggs for Baby!  I have baked some flapjacks recently, for a picnic with friends.

Wondering – Where I am going to find lots of Happyland toys for Baby at a bargain price!

Trying Out – I have tried out a Facebook advert for my blog page and it is amazing how many ‘likes’ you can get when people actually see your page!  It is well worth doing every now and again.

So that’s what I am doing right now.  I tag Kirsty and Steph, over to you ladies!


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