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In a world where social media is like the air that we breathe; people are turning to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to make their pregnancy announcements and also to reveal the gender of their baby bump.

Some of the ideas I have seen are SO much fun and are very creative.  I feel slightly disappointed that all I did was pop up a scan picture on Facebook for both events.  If I could do it all again (oh and I am NOT doing it again!), I would definitely put a little more effort into creating a more unique announcement.  Even celebrities are getting in on the action.  Last week Chris O’Dowd and Dawn O’Porter posted this video on You Tube.

Awwww very cute!.

In the land of blogging, I have seen some great ideas.  I LOVE this pregnancy announcement from Katie over at MummyDaddyMe.  Just so adorable! (see the whole post with some inspirational pictures here).  Oh and Katie’s gender announcement was one of my favourite’s too.

My wonderful friend Em from Snowing Indoors, got a little helper to announce her second pregnancy.  This is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen.


There are also some amazing ideas for announcing your baby’s gender.  Have a look at this from the Bumps Along The Way blog.

In America, apparently it is quite popular to have Gender Reveal Parties.  I don’t think they have made their way over the water, as yet.  Expectant parents use lots of different methods to share the gender with their guests; pink or blue cake centres, coloured boxed balloons or opening a baby’s outfit in front of the guests.  Quite American, yes?!

So how did you announce your pregnancy?  Did you find out the gender and tell the world or did you keep it as a surprise?


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