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As I sit here, you are asleep on my chest.  A feeling of total contentment washes over me.  I feel your little heart beating against mine.  The weight of your small body, heavy against me in your slumber.  Your steady breathing a sign of your relaxation and a sound I could listen to eternally.  Your beautiful, beautiful face, a picture of tranquility.  I have to tear my eyes away.  The feeling of your warm breath falling against my face.  I never want to move from here.

Sleeping Baby

When you first slept on me after coming home from hospital, your feet didn’t reach my waist and now as you lie here chest to chest with me, your long legs are resting over my own.   In those early days, I would be confined to the couch for hours on end, as like most babies you slept a lot.  Now your naps are shorter and you often sleep in the car.  So these moments are less frequent, I feel so at peace when you snuggle into me and fall asleep.  I am so grateful for these special naps.

When you wake up, your cheeks are uncharacteristically rosy and you are so toasty, I could kiss your little warm face forever.

There be a time when this is a distant memory and Mummy will no longer be the best place to sleep, but for now I will cherish every second that I still am.


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