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Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why? does a weekly link up for us to share the things we have loved over the last seven days.  So I thought I would join in.
Some thing I read: At the moment I haven’t got as much time as I would like to read.  I love reading and do miss it.  This week I have managed to read some great blog posts and some heart breaking ones.  But I have managed to start reading a new book this week.  I love Chick Lit and do not read anything else.  My favourite author is Paige Toon and so I was so excited when her new book Johnny’s Girl was recently published.

Some thing I watched: I love escapism TV, nothing too serious.  So I end up watching quite a bit of reality TV.  This week I have enjoyed Made In Chelsea and I’m A Celebrity.

Some thing I wore: I love Winter and have enjoyed getting the jumpers out and back into circulation.

Some thing I listened to: I love music and when I was younger I always went to Festivals in the summer and to lots of gigs.  At the moment in the car I am listening to Passenger, Ben Howard and Snow Patrol.  Baby seems to like them too.

Some thing I cannot live without: Baby.  Every day I look at her and can not believe how much I love her.


Some thigs I love

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