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Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why? does a weekly link up for us to share the things we have loved over the last seven days.  So here’s my love list this week:
Some thing I read: Another of my favorite authors, Lindsey Kelk recently released the next book in her ‘I Heart’ series.  I have not been sleeping well recently, so have made a start on ‘I Heart Christmas’, under the covers so not to wake Baby with the light.

Some thing I watched:  I LOVE Strictly Come Dancing.  It looks so much fun and signals the run up to Christmas for me.  Oh and I might harbour a small desire to dance with Artem…

Some thing I wore: A rosy glow!  I have been so hot (I think due to my bug).  From a usually cold person, I can’t get used to being hot.

Some thing I listened to: I have been feeling quite stressed this last week and so I have listened to probably my favourite piece of music of all time Ludovico Einaudi’s I Giorni   I think it is the most beautiful piece of music ever written and find it so centering and calming. 

Some thing I cannot live without: This week has been fresh orange.  I am into the 4th week of a cold and my meds are making me feel quite sick, so I have been picked up by a glass or two of OJ.

Some thigs I love

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