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Sometimes you hear a story, that touches you and that you know will give hope to others.  Today, I am going to tell you about one such story and this story belongs to my friend Lisa.

Egg donation

Lisa and Dave had been trying for a baby and after two years had not had the joy they had hoped for.  Lisa had just turned 30 and Dave had recently proposed.  All they needed now was their little bundle of joy.  They decided the time was probably right to get checked out by the Doctor.  Any worries they had were put at bay when all the tests came back fine and they were told to keep on trying.  A few more months passed and they still hadn’t received the news that they so desperately wanted to hear.  Lisa contacted the Doctor again, who asked her who had given her the previous ‘all clear’ results and asked if she could go straight to the surgery.  Accompanied by her mum Lisa went to meet the Doctor.

The news the Doctor gave Lisa was devastating.  She had been incorrectly given the all clear and the horrible truth was that she would be unable to conceive naturally.  She learned that her only possible way of having a child would be through egg donation.  Lisa had Premature Ovarian Failure. The Doctor placed Lisa straight on the waiting list and signed her off work, as she was suffering a type of bereavement.

Lisa knew that although her world had just turned upside down, she wanted to find an egg donor.  As she was under 35 the NHS would fund her treatment.  Both Lisa and Dave were tested and received counselling, while they remained on the waiting list.  The counselling was very tough, but designed to prepare you for the difficult times ahead and to ensure you had considered all of the implications.  Any child born via egg donation could have a half sibling living in another family.

The fertility hospital take time to match the donors characteristics as much as possible to the mother’s.  They take into account eye colour, hair colour and height, which can create a lengthy delay.

The months turned to years and eventually in April 2012, a donor came forward, although heart break was to follow as she failed to produce the required eggs.  Then, three months later another donor came forward and things could finally progress.  This time 11 eggs were retrieved and stored overnight; 8 survived that were ‘put to bed’ again and on day three 8 were still viable.  These were taken forward to 5 days blastocyst and the transfer was booked.  At this point 4 embryos had survived.  Due to Lisa’s POF and the associated risks, only one embryo was put back in.  The donor had left a note to say that she wished them all the luck in the world and she hoped it make all their dreams come true.

Then the couple had to endure the agonising two week wait.  Lisa knew that egg donation would be their only hope, she desperately wanted to experience pregnancy and so a traditional surrogate was not an option for her.

Initially, after her diagnosis and the first conversations about egg donation, Lisa was worried that the child would not look like her.  However, her fears were allayed when she realised how blessed she would be to have the child she so longed for.  The couple believed that Lisa was the rain and Dave was the sun, that the embryo needed both of these things to grow.

Then, the day arrived and the couple received the news that would change their life forever, Lisa was pregnant.  6 years of hoping, so many tears, all came down to this moment.  They were going to be parents.

There gorgeous daughter arrived the following year, and although they have one frozen embryo in storage the couple know that their family is now complete.  They are truly blessed.


Lisa received support from the Daisy Network which supports women who have experienced Premature Menopause.


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